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Our uPVC Cattery Pens

Our beautiful purpose built chalets are constructed from uPVC by Pedigree Pens Ltd. and exceed the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health standards for size and hygiene. uPVC is impervious to known diseases and will help stop the spread of infection. 

Why is this Important?


A major concern with lower quality timber is deterioration due to cat scratches that can provide breeding grounds for ringworm and other bacteria.


Some local environmental health departments have introduced the policy of banning the use of exposed timber in any part of a cattery.

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Vet Approved

Size of Chalets

Our Chalets

Some vets are recommending that wood should be avoided in the construction of catteries on zoonotic grounds(diseases transmittable to humans e.g. ringworm and E.coli).


Wood, even if regularly decorated, cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected.

All of our beautiful chalets are large enough to accommodate up to three cats from the same family.


We also have family chalets available for four or more cats. Each chalet has an insulated sleeping quarters with its own flat panel heater to keep your pet snug and warm.

o Spacious multi cat chalets
o Views of landscaped gardens
o Cat aerobic activity scratching posts
o A mixture of toys for entertainment
o Sunbathing shelves
o Doubled glazed and insulated
o Full height sneeze barriers
o Thermostatically controlled heating
o Self extinguishing, fire resistant upvc

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